Top Pretty Girl Names of 2018

Are you preparing to have a girl in the very near future? Then it’s a very good idea to come up with some great names for her. However, finding the best Pretty Girl Names can be quite challenging, as there are so many names to choose from and certainly lots of meanings attached to those names. That’s why it will be a very good idea just to identify what name seems the most interesting to you. However, we are here to share some really good pretty girl names.

How to select a good Pretty Girl Name?

Right off the bat, you want to create a list that has names with personal meanings for you. It’s very important to think about this if you want to get the very best results, as that makes the entire process easy and very distinct for you. What you do need to keep in mind is the fact that the list should be on the short side.

You don’t want to have way too many names added in here. As a whole, this will end up making the process of choosing the perfect name a lot more difficult than you may imagine. Here you can add a book or movie character, song, people you admire or which inspired you and so on. Everything that’s meaningful should be on this list. You should also talk about the family heritage too, as there may be a naming pattern in your family and you have to stick to something like that as well.

Sometimes you will receive the right inspiration for Pretty Girl Names during the inspiration process. It’s important to take your time here and identify what really sounds interesting to you. Name your name after a significant event. A season or anything that seems distinct and unique to you.

You can also browse name databases and see what stands out for you. There are some countries in Europe for example that have pre-approved names, and those can be very important to take into consideration. But even so, in the end, you are the one that will select your child’s name, so try to keep a focus on the stuff that’s meaningful for you.

Believe it or not, there are other things you may want to focus on such as uniqueness and initials or anything similar that can also make a difference. You shouldn’t rush into picking a name. Creating a list and gradually removing names from it will be the best, most reliable and professional way to handle something like this in the end.

If you’re scared that you select a trendy name but in the end, it may not be that popular after a few years, there are some solutions. For example, you have names that age well and which are timeless. Staying away from trends is a very good idea, and it can indeed help you a lot. And yes, you may want to stay in touch with the grandparents and other family members too. They may be able to come up with some really good Pretty Girl Names!

Pretty Girl Names based on nature

Here you have quite a lot of options, to be honest. First, you have FLORA which is a very good name. Then you have BLOSSOM, IVY, MAPLE, MISTY, NOVA, CORAL, DAWN, DOVE, VENUS, WINDY and so on. Nature has lots of unique ideas that you can focus on, so taking your time and studying some various nature-related names can indeed be a very good idea. However, you do want to opt for something that’s a girl name, not a natural phenomenon. This is the tricky part when dealing with such a name, that’s for sure.

Names inspired by locations

There are some places in the world which make for some amazing Pretty Girl Names. However, it all comes down to you if you want to use these names or not. Charlotte is a good example, Aspen, Alexandria, Adelaide, Alberta, Montana, Georgia, Helena, Geneva, Chelsea, Juno, Sicily, Valencia, Verona, China, Odessa and so on.

This kind of name is great for Pretty Girls, however it’s even more impressive when it actually has a meaning for one of the parents. This is why it can be a very important thing to name your girl this way, although it’s crucial to find the right meaning as you avoid any conundrum.

Girl names that end in EE

Having two vowels at the end of a name does make it stand out. Not only that, but it’s a feminine approach, and it’s a very impressive and distinct one, to be honest. When it comes to names created this way, Abree is a very good example. Then you have Aimee, Shandee, Raelee, Raynee, Orlee, Nyree, Trinitee, Zoee, Patee and so on. Of course, you want to avoid names that sound way too common or a bit cheesy. You want the name to have some resonance, so try to test multiple ones until you come up with the right one. It’s going to be quite challenging to do that, but yes, it can definitely be more than ok to give this approach a shot!

Irish girl names

The cool thing about Irish girl names is that they are very vibrant and have a unique tonality. However, you do have to note that there are some rather strange Irish names, so you want to avoid those. Some of the more popular options include Evelyn, Ryley, Kiara, Erin, Cassidy, Raegan, Kiera, Rowan, Kayleigh and so on. Again, this all comes down to the personal preference, but it’s up to you to make the right pick!

Hispanic girl names

If you want to step out of the box and stand out with the Pretty Girl Names, then the Hispanic option may be the best one. Mariana, Sofia, Valentina, Camila, Valeria, Lucia, Andrea, Natalia, Daniela, Sara, Gabriela are only a few of the many amazing Pretty Girl Names with a Hispanic origin. The possibilities are limitless here, so you are free to pick whatever sounds great for you and you will surely appreciate everything quite a lot.

Historical girl names

Some really cool historical figures influenced our humanity’s evolution. And yes, many of these names come from heroines which worked extremely hard to showcase the power of their country and bring their beliefs in front of other people. Elisabeth would be a good historical name; then you have Jane, Joan, Clara, Margaret, Harlett, Rosa, Gloria, Emily, Louisa, Amelia, Coco, Ella, Zora, Beatrix, Sandra and so on. Opting for these names is great if you want some Pretty Girl Names. They are distinct, they do stand out of the crowd, and in the end, these are very special.

Glamorous Pretty Girl Names

You may also want to check out some of those names that bring in a sense of glamour into the mix. For example, you have names like Penelope, Vivian, Bridgette, Scarlett, Ava and Marylyn that manage to stand out with their unique appeal and outstanding resonance. However, whether you like this type of names or not, that’s up to you. It is a possibility and a very interesting one; you can rest assured of that. But it can also be a challenging category to work with sometimes.

French names

There are situations when French names work great for a girl. That’s especially true for names like Josephine, Giselle, Aurelie, Amelie, Colette or Odette. Obviously, they bring in front a cute, pretty French resonance into the mix and that does make the names stand out. It’s important to keep them in mind at least, even if you don’t end up using these names. French people have some of the best and most interesting Pretty Girl Names, that’s for sure, and this least clearly shows that.

Pretty Girl middle names

You don’t have to focus solely on regular names. Middle names can also be pretty if you have the right approach towards them. The idea is to select a name which is interesting, distinct and which does stand out of the crowd quite a bit. Rose, Rae, Paige, and Marie or Grace can be very good here.

There are lots of amazing Pretty Girl Names that you can take into account. Creating a list of them may take a lot of time and effort, but it will surely be more than well worth it. The idea is to create a list which includes all the more interesting and fun names and then stick to it. While it can take a while to find the best possible list, you should always try to find a good set of names and see if they work in the context. At the end of the day, you don’t really know unless you try those names, so you should consider at least giving this a try!

Trial and error is great here, so if you want to select the best Pretty Girl Names 2018, try to create a list and see what works for you and what doesn’t. In the end, it will be a very interesting experience for you and one that’s going to be filled with fun!